My Sweet Friend Pamelita;

My Sweet Friend Pamelita;

Hi Sweet Family,

This morning when I checked my text, for my surprise there was a good news text from my friend Pamelita.  She texted me that with the help of Jesus she walk out into her patio for a long patio walk.  She walked a good way down her drive way and back to the house through the front door and into the bathroom.  Long walk for her non-stop.  She has not done this is ages.  Confined to the chair and bed.  But the Lord Jesus is granting healing.  Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It does not ends there.  While I was writting my dream with her, about her walking.  I realized this was around 5:45 am when I went to the bathroom and back to bed after my husband left for work.  I did see her walking and she will look at me through a lens, a glass lens from a camera.  I sensed in my spirit, that I did see her in the spirit walking, it was not a dream.. How great is the Lord, allowing me to see her in the spirit in one of her most exciting moments in her life right now.  Alleluya!  Glory to God, Praise be the name of Jesus for ever.  Amen!

All we need is faith to see miracles happen.  May the Lord bless you and keep you.  With Love,