Guard Your Heart

Guard Your Heart

Hi Sweet Family;

A few weeks ago, maybe now is two month I had a dream with Jesus telling me to GUARD MY HEART.  As the night went on and my husband I were sleeping I saw a bunch of beautiful flowers with very intense colors.  Colors that you see in the painting.  This flowers were coming down to earth from the sky, also some swirly things made of a thin metal.  As the flowers were coming down to earth Jesus was telling me To Guard My Heart.  I saw my chest open and my heart was beating and a flower came and make inside my chest, surrounding my heart a marble box and had the flower as the cover.  The flowers and the swirly were entering into the hearts of Christians all over the world.  Jesus kept repeating many times Guard Your Heart, I did also out loud because i woke up in the midst of the night repeating those words.  My hubby never woke up and he is the kind that for any little noise he wakes up, but not that night as I was repeating the words Jesus was telling me. 

Family is time to guard our hearts from all black things that are happening around us and only look at the Lord.  No matter what you hear and see always remember that we know the end of the story.  Jesus has everything under control.  Don’t fear, He will never forsake His children and He is our shield.

God bless you and keep you,