The Creation Made by God

The Creation Made by God

Sweet Family:

Yesterday afternoon I sat to make a painting and for the first time I did the technique with knife.  I was thinking about the beautiful creation our Lord has made for us to enjoy, specially the dawn, when the sun is going down there are the most beautiful colors ever display by our nature.  I try to make a dawn sun and with the inspiration of a picture which was faded I try to copy it with bright colors like we see it in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, were I was born.

We are very blessed by the Lord with colors.  Colors of the tropical plants that we have all year long, color of the sea, which changes according of the area of the island you are at.  The west side of the island the sand is very white and many surfers go to surfing due to the waves we have on that area.  North the sea is beautiful as well, sand not as white as the west, but is a beautiful neutral sand color.

Sweet Family, next time you are outside and is dawn, please check to see what kind of beauty the Lord give you in your area and what colors can you see.  Give thanks to the Lord for all He has given us, for His mercy endures for ever as well as His LOVE.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He shine His face over you,

With much love in Jesus for you,