Sweet Family,

You may be wondering what is that which I just painted?  Let me explain , Thanks,

  • While I was in prayer the other day, I was praying the Mercy Chaplet.  I saw in my heart the face of Jesus with the Crown of Thorns, immediately I know it was for painting it.  When I finished I ask the Lord if that was going to be my next painting?  “Yes”, He responded.  Ok Lord, I will.  It took me a few days before I started the painting.  I was not sure how to paint Jesus,but, with the Holy Spirit everything is possible.  He helped.  It took me many hours and many days to do this.  Every day as I did approach the painting, oh boy!  There were things that I needed to change to bring the real passion of Jesus.
  • When I did the first picture, He had no bruises at all, expect one or two in His cheeks.  Next day, I sit again, things to change, it when on and on, until today.  I needed to finish it was an urgency in my spirit.  As you can see is nothing like you see around with no bruises at all and a few drops of blood here and there.  Well that is not the case.  When He was in front of the High Priest and all the 70 men that belong to the Sanhedrin and each one of them slap Him in the face.  Then He was sent into prison before they took Him to Pontius Pilot.  On the way to the dungeon, he was put into chains, as He was going down into the dungeon they drag Him from His feet, so His head bounced in the steps of the blocks stair.  Can you feel the pain?  I can.
  • In the cell they cast him into the floor and stretch Him from the feet and hands, He also was hang with a slippery nut made in the rope.  That torture was painful to Him that He cry blood.  They made Him stand in a burned metal shit that was beaming red, His feet were burned.  They sat Him in a chair with sharp pointy nails  causing Him many wounds and then they pour on His wounds melted lead and resin and made Him sit back into the chair for more and deeper wounds.  They even pierced holes in His uprooted bear.  Of course He will not eve look like Him anymore.
  • I was doing the Mercy Chaplet a while ago and finished my painting I started to shake, now knowing all he suffered for you, for me, for the world.  It was a different feeling today, I could see clearly in my heart all He did suffer for us.  When He was scourged it was not with a regular wit we see around.  yes, made of leather, but the ends where having jutted with sharp nails, some looking like hooks, also pieces of glass, stones, and any sharp object they could find.  His skin was taken away of his back and maybe deeper, taking muscles aways  and being able to see His bones.  Now, this is the real passion of Jesus.  Carrying a heavy cross with burned feet, body broken, hardly being able to see were He was going.  Of course He was going to fall.  He needed help carrying the cross.  The soldiers saw it and that is why Simon was asked and told,” No, You will help”.  He didn’t want to help.  The Lord moved him in mercy.  So you see know……what a different version this one is.  Take it to heart, and meditate in His passion constantly and give Him thanks for that demonstration of LOVE for you and me and the whole world.
  • Why I felt the urgency to finished today?  My friend Lydia text me that her brother died yesterday.  This is the urgency.  I dedicate this painting not only to all that pray and meditate on the Passion of Christ, but also to DeGoul, Lydia’s brother.  RIP.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, May He shine His face toward you.

Love you,




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