Sweet Family,

I have to tell you that the Lord do know what are your needs as He gives you assignments for his Kingdom.  He has given hints and confirmation that He wants me making paintings for His glory.  I just have a small kit of acrylics paints from a long time ago which I purchased once and have no idea now for what.  This is what I have used for my angel painting.  For the painting I’m doing now I needed some other colors that I don’t have. Yesterday I went grocery shopping after my check up and I stop in a craft shop to see what they offer.  I found all kinds of goodies.  Paints from $2.99 each up to $79.99 each.  I was in awe seeing the prices of some tubes, that most be quite a paint in acrylics.  But way down in the shelf was this kit of 48 small, but not to small, tubes of paint.  The price was very right  to what I had in my purse to spend.  I took it and two other brushes, and when I went to pay, the cashier and I talk about painting.  It was a fun conversation and I even show her my angel and few others from my phone.  She ask me if I was working on something new,  and I explain to her what I’m working at right now.   I also mention that all of this was led by the Holy Ghost.  She has not ring yet my item.  She comes and I asked ” How many times I have come to her store?  None, I reply.  She grab a 50% coupon out of the drawer and voila, I got 50% discount.  What better than that?  Jesus move her heart to not just give a discount, but a 50% discount.  I was singing to the Lord of happiness.  That is the God we serve.  Thank you Jesus.

God bless you all and may this testimony  help increase your faith.

Love you all,



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