Hi Family;

Today during a text message I felt to draw and paint an angel to the person that was texting me.  I told her and then I ask the Lord for inspiration and to do it with me.  I have never ever used acrylic paint before, but have done a few pastels painting.  I think they are a bit messy, but like them bunches.  So as I was looking at the canvas I decided, well it has to be by the Holy Ghost, to call my angel The Healing Angel.  I did a received a text when I started painting my background but decided not to read it until done.  Well I finished three hours later and the photo is the finished product.  Check my text and the person told me  was not feeling well, so imagine that me painting a healing angel send by the Lord to heal whom was not feeling well. 

I dedicate this painting to a very good friend and a prayer warrior that is going through many trials, but the Lord has all under control and all will end soon for the glory of Jesus.  Thank You Lord.  Sweet Lady this painting is for you.  Love you to the moon and back.

God bless you all,  Vianni


2 thoughts on “The Healing Angel

  1. Thank you, sweet Vianni, for this beautiful Healing Angel. It is powerful and carries a precious anointing. What a blessing you are!


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