Sweet Family; during the same time in prayer with my family of Prayer Warriors during a call by Skype I also saw this envelop floating in the air as it passed by my closed eyes.   The envelop was a very pale brown and it had all over the edges some king of stitching that look like lace.  It was white.  But I drew it in may colors, that is the way the Holy Spirit guide me to do it.  This is an invitation that was sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ. An invitation to go deeper in intimacy with Him.  Second time in a few days time that the Lord show me His blood in a vision.  The Blood of Jesus was dripped for our Salvation, Redemption and Healing in Jesus.  The Blood of Jesus covers us in His righteousness and cover all of our sins, is one of the weapon that the enemy spirits (demos) are very afraid of.  If you feel you have being attack by the enemy spirits you can call on the Blood of Jesus to be cast over the demos and they will vanished.  So my fellow family in Christ please don’t forget how important is the Blood of Jesus in your walk with Him here on earth until we go home.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May He shine His face upon you.

In Jesus love





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